APCM Agenda and Reports

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2024 Agenda

APCM 2024 Agenda

2024 Agenda 2023 Minutes

Treasurer's Report

APCM 2024 Treasurers Report

Treasurer Report Audited Acct's

Church Wardens Report

APCM 2024 Wardens report

Wardens Report

Safeguarding Report

APCM 2024 Safeguarding Report


Church Committee Reports

APCM 2024  Committee Report

Pastoral Report Social Report St Nicholas Friends Report

PCC Secretary Report

APCM 2024 PCC Secretary's Report


Deanery Synod Report

APCM 2024 Deanery Synod Report


Norton St Nicholas School Report

APCM 2024 Norton St Nicholas CofE VA School


Messy Church & Norton Nippers

APCM 2024 from Messy Church

Messy Church Report Nippers Report

Church Services Reports

APCM 2024 Services

Not the Vicars Report All Together & Puppets Report