Friends of St Nicholas

The Friends of St Nicholas are a faithful group of people whose primary aim is to help maintain St Nicholas Church as a place of worship.   

The group takes on the responisbility of raising funds to preserve this historical church to its high standard and also to organise volunteers for its maintennace and upkeep. 

Its members come from both parish congregations and also from past worshippers who have moved away but who still have a heart for St Nicholas and its people.   The group is open for all to join and apart from the occassional meeting outside the A.G.M., the Friends of St Nicholas would get together to untake tasks where possible. 

As a church who has stood in Norton for over 900 years, there are links with both North Herts District Council and the Letchworth Heritage Foundation. 


North Herts District Council

As the reposnisbility for the maintennace of the cementary as a safe puiblic space falls with the local council, NHDC provide an annual grant to the parish who undertake this work on their behalf. 


Letchworth Heritage Foundation  

The land purchased to form the estate on which Letchworth Garden City was to be developed included the glebe land associated with St Nicholas Church.  These lands were subject to a covenant to fund the upkeep of the chancel of St Nicholas Church.  The land is currently owned by the Letchworth Hertitage Foundation and as the owners, now have the responsibility of the Lay Rector of St Nicholas.   Their responsibility towards St Nicholas Church is limited to the up-keep of the chancel. 

The Heritage Foundation have funded numerous repairs to the chancel and they also share with us, the cost of the buildings insurance.   The parish is extremely grateful for the funding that has been provided by the Heritage Foundation to preserve St Nicholas Church.