What's on

There is always something to do in our Parish! Please see our Calendar and Newsletter for details of weekly events. Special events will be posted on this page when applicable.

Dates for events in 2019. Please always check the newsletter (link above) to find out about the latest prices, timings etc. Details of events are usually available from the Parish Office - please go to our "Contact Us" page at the top left of the website:

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91 Norton Road, Letchworth, SG6 1AD

Home Eucharist

16/4 8pm St George's Church Stations of the Cross
17/4 10am St George's Church Holy Communion
  10am Norton Parish Centre Messy Church
  8pm St George's Church Sung Compline by Candlelight
18/4 6.30pm Clulow Room, Norton Parish Centre Simple Meal
  8pm St George's Church Eucharist followed by silent vigil in the
Lady Chapel
19/4 10.45am Broadway Gardens Walk of Witness
  1pm St George's Church Reflection in the Lady Chapel
  1.45pm Norton Parish Centre Craft and Activity for the children
  2pm St George's Church Eucharist and Passion Reading
20/4 8pm St Nicholas' Church Easter Vigil
21/4 8am St Nicholas' Church Holy Communion
  9.30am St George's Church Holy Communion