Bishop’s Mission Harvesting Hope

Bishop’s Mission Harvesting Hope

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Published on Tuesday, 14 May 2019 09:16

Our Bishop’s mission scheme, now entitled Harvesting Hope, is beginning to take shape. Following a successful initial meeting with bishop Michael in January at St George’s with over 30 in attendance, the planning team have held two further meetings with the bishop.

Harvesting Hope, which will run between Thursday 26th and a final Harvest Festival celebratory service on Sunday 29th September, aims to engage in activity with other groups within our community. A programme of proposed events has now been formulated and the planning team are currently in contact with several community groups, inviting them to take part in the initiative. Rev Trev said, ‘This is a great opportunity for our church to get our face known out there in the community, begin to strengthen those links and show people in word and action the love Jesus has for all people.’

Harvesting Hope will be supported by the Bishop’s own mission team, who will be with us throughout the week. This is an opportunity to engage in God’s mission in this parish and for as many people within the church community to get involved.

We will keep you regularly posted on how Harvesting hope is progressing, and where you may feel you have something to contribute.